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Raging Against Self Defense: A psychiatrist Examines The Anti-Gun Mentality, By Sarah Thompson, M.D.

Read the whole thing…and this is a companion piece that is worth a read as well.

Communicating with anti-gun people

How can you communicate more effectively with an anti–gun person who is using unhealthy defense mechanisms? There are no quick and easy answers. But there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Anger and attacks do not work

Most gun owners, when confronted by an anti–gun person, become angry and hostile. This is understandable, because gun owners increasingly face ridicule, persecution and discrimination. (If you don’t believe this, ask yourself if anyone would seriously introduce legislation to ban African–Americans, women, or Jews from post offices, schools, and churches. Even convicted felons aren’t banned from such places – but peaceful armed citizens are!) But an angry response is counterproductive.

It’s not helpful to attack the person you’re trying to persuade. Anything that makes him feel more fearful or angry will only intensify his defenses. Your goal is to help the person feel safe, and then to provide experiences and information that will help him to make informed decisions.

Be Gentle

You should never try to break down a defense mechanism by force. Remember that defense mechanisms protect people from feelings they cannot handle, and if you take that protection away, you can cause serious psychological harm. And because defe

via Raging Against Self Defense: A psychiatrist Examines The Anti-Gun Mentality, By Sarah Thompson, M.D..


You May Not Be Interested In War…But War Is Interested In You! Brett Kimberlin’s Dirty War Against Free Speech!

I think it is appropriate to include Leon Trotsky’s quote given that the right has been asleep regarding the true nature of the enemies we face. We have been playing by rules. The left has never had any rules but the rule that rules are for fools when they get in the way of winning the war. Winning makes everything ok. Because the right has a moral code the left mocks we are inherently weaker. The left has no moral code. We better get up to speed fast on that one before all of us are silenced by fear. What do I mean?

Well what would you do if in the middle of the night the police cuffed you and placed you in a police cruiser, put your wife’s hands against the porch wall in front of neighbors, demanding to know whether the children were alive? The left calls that SWATTING a target in order to silence it. What would you do if they called your place of business and made false accusations? Published your photo and your wife’s photos and your addresses on leftist sites suggesting that someone should make an example of you? What would you do if someone said they wanted to shit on your wife’s face? All of these things are happening right now to people brave enough to expose the nasty war the left is waging.

Patterico is a conservative blogger who happens to be a DA in Los Angeles. Some  of those examples I gave in the paragraph above happened to him…here are some screenshots.

We are already at war folks. We have not been interested in war. But war is very interested in us.

We need to develop methods that will allow us to respond and neutralize this grave threat to our freedom of speech. Exposure seems to be as good a place to start as any.

Here are some links to the whole ugly story. Stacy McCain’s post : The Other McCain.

Fantastic Interview with Stacy McCain.

Meet Soros-Funded Domestic Terrorist Brett Kimberlin Whose ‘Job’ Is Terrorizing Bloggers Into Silence

Free speech moment: Standing with Stacy McCain, Patterico, Liberty Chick, and Aaron Walker

As Hacked ChamberLeaks Emails Break, Left Scrambles to Hide Ties to Domestic Terrorist

Flashback: Progressives Embrace Convicted Terrorist

How Brett Kimberlin Tried to Frame Me for a Crime (And How You Can Help!)

And to understand why this campaign is proceeding let me add this bit I just came across. It is an interview:

Four Stages in Subverting a Nation: Demoralization, Destabilization, Crisis, Normalization. (His Thesis: Leftists are the Useful Idiots of Socialism)

by Interviewer, G. Edward Griffin: Our conversation is with Mister Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov. Mr. Bezmenov was born in 1939 in a suburb of Moscow. He was the son of a high ranking Soviet Army officer. He was educated in the elite schools inside the Soviet Union and became an expert in Indian culture and Indian languages. He had an outstanding career with Novesti, which was the, and still is, I should say, the Press arm or the press agency of the Soviet Union

When ah, the Soviets use the phrase ideological subversion what do they mean by it?

Yuri Bezmenov: Ideological subversion is, is the process which is legitimate, overt and open. You, you can see it with your own eyes. All, all you have to do, all American mass media has to do is to unplug their bananas from their ears, open up their eyes and they can see it. There is no mystery. There is nothing to do with espionage.

I know that espionage, intelligence gathering looks more romantic. It sells more deodorants through their advertising, probably. That’s why your Hollywood producers are so crazy about James Bond type, ah, ah, ah, in free words.

But in reality, the main emphasis of the KGB is not in the area of intelligence at all. According to my, ah, opinion and the opinion of many defectors of my caliber only about fifteen percent of time, money, and manpower is spent on espionage as such. The other eighty-five percent is a slow process which we call either ideological subversion, or active measures, (~Activitia perionachia, in the language of the KGB), or psychological warfare. What it basically means is to change the perception of reality of every American to such an extent that despite the abundance of information no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interests of defending themselves, their families, their community, and their country. It’s a great brainwashing, ah, process which goes very slow and is divided into ah, four basic stages. Ah, the first one being demoralization.

It takes from fifteen to twenty years to demoralize a nation. Why that many years? Because this is the minimum number of years which requires to ah, educate one generation of students in the country of, of your enemy exposed to the ideology of the enemy. In other words Marxist-Leninism ideology is being pumped into the soft heads of, of at least three generations of American students without being challenged or counter-balanced by the basic values of Americanism, American patriotism. …

Most of the activity of the Department was to compile huge amount, volume of information on individuals who were instrumental in creating public opinion, publishers, editors, journalists, ah, actors, educationalists, professors of political science, members of Parliament, ah, ah, rep-, representatives of business circles. Most of these people were divided roughly in two groups, those that would tow the Soviet foreign policy. They would be promoted to the positions of power through media and public opinion manipulation. Those who refused the Soviet influence in their own country would be character assassinated or executed physically, counter-revolution.

Same way, as ah, in the small town of Hue, in South Vietnam, several thousands of Vietnamese were executed in one night when city was captured by Vietcong for only two days. And American CIA could never figure out, how could possibly Communists know each individual, where he lives, where, where to get him and would be arrested in one night, basically, arrested four hours before dawn, put on a van, taken out of the city limits and shot? The answer is very simple. Long before Communists occupied city there was extensive network of informers, local Vietnamese citizens who knew absolutely everything about people who are instrumental in public opinion, including barbers and taxi drivers. Everyone who was sympathetic to United States was executed.

Same thing was done under the guidance of, of the Soviet Embassy in Hanoi. And same thing I was doing in New Delhi. To my horror, I discovered, that in the files were people who were doomed to execution. There were names of, of pro-Soviet journalists with whom I was personally friendly.

G. Edward Griffin : Pro-Soviet?

Yuri Bezmenov: Yes. They were idealistically-minded Leftists who ah, made several visits to USSR and yet the KGB decided that counter-revolution or drastic changes in political structure in India, they would have to go.

G. Edward Griffin : Why is that?

Yuri Bezmenov: Because they know too much.

We can at least be happy that these leftist scum will get their due in the end but I suspect things will be so bad by then we won’t care.

Update more links:

Naturally I left out a link to Michelle Malkin because I am a dumbass who rushes. Well this link fixes that issue.

Free speech blogburst: Show solidarity for targeted conservative bloggers; Update: It’s Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day; Donation fund for targets

Terresa at Noisyroom:

Stalking the Blogosphere – BlogBurst Friday for Free Speech

Stacy McCain from an undisclosed location:

Brett Kimberlin Saga Takes a Bizarre Turn, Forcing Me to Leave Maryland

Popehat:Aaron’s story is quite long. (We had a tiny, tiny piece of it here.) But he supports it with primary documents and video recordings, and ultimately it’s a wrenching depiction of how the system doesn’t prevent crazy and/or evil people from victimizing innocents — a depiction of how the system can be the instrument of such victimization. It’s not a pretty story, but it’s worth reading.

I have blatantly ripped off Terresa’s list from Noisyroom as she has the most comprehensive list of bloggers on this story…WOW.

Bookworm Room:

Lee Stranahan offers the best (indeed, the only) way to respond to someone who relentlessly abuses the Free Speech rights America grants — MORE SPEECH:

This is no war of words; Kimberlin is a serial litigator who has filed over 100 lawsuits by his own account and he takes people to court, claiming they are harassing him. He calls their employers.  I stand with all these people, some of whom are my friends. I’m launching a new effort on my own that I hope will help.

The only effective way to fight Brett Kimberlin is for as many people to research and write about him as possible.

So I’m declaring this Friday, May 25th as Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day.

Here’s what you do to take part…

  • Research Brett Kimberlin on your own. Don’t trust secondary sources; look for the original articles articles published about him, too.
  • On Friday, May 25th — write an honest, factually accurate post about what you learned and what your OPINION is. Brett may try and sue you, so be accurate, factual and separate fact from opinion.
  • The post doesn’t have to be long — ANYTHING helps.
  • After you post, Tweet, share, whatever — get the post out there.

Bloggers Standing Against Terrorism in the Blogosphere:

The Rule Of Law And What To Expect When “Rat Bastards” Are In Charge…

Ann Barnhardt explains some things to those of us who refuse to believe our own eyes. The snippet below nails it on the head and is in a similar vein as several other posts I have made in the last few days. All of us in the United States are being betrayed by our confirmation bias which leads us to believe that things are as they have always been and that the rule of law still exists. We also have this belief that our country could never become like those other 20th century nightmares, Germany, Japan, Russia, China and other smaller countries. We forget that some of those countries absolutely defined civilization and they went away to be replaced by horror. Certainly those 11 million people the Nazi Regime murdered fully expected that they were only taking showers after all it was far too barbaric to consider the reality. Confirmation bias led them to sleep walk to their graves. Anne is here to wake you up.

This all gets back to the historical illiteracy of this culture, thanks largely to the Marxist infiltration of the education system. You people honestly have NO FATHOM what happened in Nazi Germany, Eastern Europe, and the Soviet Union, do you? When Marxist oligarchs are your "government" there is NO RULE OF LAW. It doesn’t MATTER what you, or the old just legal system say you own. When jackbooted thugs come to take you away, there is no "law" to turn to, because the jackbooted thugs ARE "the law", meaning that there is no law at all except brute force and the willingness to use it. When the Soviets came to round up the Ukrainian farmers in 1933, why didn’t the Ukrainians just call the police? Why didn’t they produce the deeds to their homes and order the Soviets off their property? Why didn’t they SUE for violating their civil rights? And the same with the Jews in Poland? And the same with the Chinese peasants under Mao? – Commodity Brokerage

Unemployment statistics are bullshit, deep, wide, fast, moving bullshit from the propaganda arm of what Ann calls the Rat Bastards of the Obama administration.

Once again, just making sure everyone understands the sickening farce that is the "unemployment figure." I said last year that the reported "unemployment number" would be UNDER EIGHT PERCENT no matter what in Q4 2012. Sure enough, it appears that I will be proven exactly right. Is this because unemployment is going down? HELLZ NO! Real unemployment is climbing consistently, and is probably north of 20%.

The entire Obama regime propaganda on unemployment is driven by the fact that they keep REDUCING THE SIZE OF THE WORKFORCE. People can only collect unemployment benefits for 99 weeks. As soon as a person goes beyond 99 weeks, the Obama regime declares that person as NO LONGER IN THE WORKFORCE. There are people who have been unemployed for over two years who would work if they could find anything, but the rat bastards in the Obama regime and their propaganda arm, the media, just evaporate these people from existence, and they additionally reduce the size of the labor force arbitrarily, just so they can hit whatever predetermined number Valerie Jarret, David Axelrod, Timmy Geithner and Ben Bernanke decide it is going to be. This is what they are doing on every single unemployment report. It is all as fake as a Thai Rolex. Eventually, the Obama regime will go full-Marxist stupid, drop the labor force to 52 million and declare that Great Leader Obama has delivered a FULL EMPLOYMENT ECONOMY. And anyone who dares disagree will be shot in the back of the head with one of those 450 million rounds of .40 cal that the Obama regime just ordered.

Any questions? Here is a graph that will make you smile…or not. Btw who are these people who can simply stop working? These people who are apparently frustrated and according to the government simply stop working…? How is that done?

The Expanding Flash Mob Threat…Are You In Condition Yellow? Why Not?

From Jeff Cooper:

  • White: Unaware and unprepared. If attacked in Condition White, the only thing that may save you is the inadequacy or ineptitude of your attacker. When confronted by something nasty, your reaction will probably be “Oh my God! This can’t be happening to me.”
  • Yellow: Relaxed alert. No specific threat situation. Your mindset is that “today could be the day I may have to defend myself”. You are simply aware that the world is a potentially unfriendly place and that you are prepared to defend yourself, if necessary. You use your eyes and ears, and realize that “I may have to shoot today”. You don’t have to be armed in this state, but if you are armed you should be in Condition Yellow. You should always be in Yellow whenever you are in unfamiliar surroundings or among people you don’t know. You can remain in Yellow for long periods, as long as you are able to “Watch your six.” (In aviation 12 o’clock refers to the direction in front of the aircraft’s nose. Six o’clock is the blind spot behind the pilot.) In Yellow, you are “taking in” surrounding information in a relaxed but alert manner, like a continuous 360 degree radar sweep. As Cooper put it, “I might have to shoot.”
  • Orange: Specific alert. Something is not quite right and has your attention. Your radar has picked up a specific alert. You shift your primary focus to determine if there is a threat (but you do not drop your six). Your mindset shifts to “I may have to shoot that person today”, focusing on the specific target which has caused the escalation in alert status. In Condition Orange, you set a mental trigger: “If that person does “X”, I will need to stop them”. Your pistol usually remains holstered in this state. Staying in Orange can be a bit of a mental strain, but you can stay in it for as long as you need to. If the threat proves to be nothing, you shift back to Condition Yellow.
  • Red: Condition Red is fight. Your mental trigger (established back in Condition Orange) has been tripped. “If ‘X’ happens I will shoot that person”.

When it comes to personal security most of us live in Condition White most of our lives. In Condition White before you understand the threat, it is upon you. We live there because for most of our lives, in most of the United States, you could get away with it. It wasn’t dangerous. Well that is starting to change.

JWR,Last Easter weekend, a twitter message went out and in a few hours 20,000 people descended on Surfside Beach, Texas, population about 600. My LEO contacts tell me there were only six officers available. The crowd turned sour towards the locals who did not want them parking or defecating in their yards.Several residents had to stand on their front porches with weapons displayed to keep groups of hundreds from passing through their property. Several rental beach houses were broken into and one contact said the volume of human feces and trash was unbelievable. The roads were impassable for hours, trapping the residents who may have wanted to evacuate.

via Letter Re: The Expanding Flash Mob Threat –

Here is the Associated News that confirms that this was basically a “flash mob” event. Imagine that you are at this beach with your wife and children blissfully unaware, in Condition White, and 20,000 hooligans descend upon you and you don’t notice it until your children are terrified. What do you do now?

Start being aware of your surroundings, we do not have the luxury of being blissfully unaware any longer. The hordes have been allowed into the castle walls…they are aching for a fight. Before we give them that fight we have to survive until the rest of us wake up to the threat.

Report: 1 dead, 3 wounded in Texas beach shooting Published April 08, 2012 Associated Press

SURFSIDE BEACH, TEXAS –  Authorities say one person has been killed and three others wounded in a shooting during a packed beach party on the Texas Gulf Coast. Brazoria County Sheriff Charles Wagner told The Facts newspaper that he had no immediate identification of those involved in the shooting at Surfside Beach and no immediate arrests had been made. Wagner says the circumstances were unclear. The Facts said word of mouth about an unauthorized beach party spread on social media, drawing thousands to Surfside Beach, about 40 miles south of Galveston. Surfside Beach officials told The Facts that the party was not permitted nor authorized. The Facts quoted a witness as saying the party began peacefully, but fights broke out and there was heavy drinking and also drug use.

Eventually we will have to take back our world and make it civilized again, till then Condition Yellow it is.


Appleseed – Lest We Forget – April 19, 1775

Been to two Appleseed shoots…improved both times, but still a cook. Here is why it is important to remember this date in history. All governments, can when left unattended by disinterested citizens, can become tyrannical. When those governments do degrade into oppressive out of control monsters it is the duty of those governed to bring them back into line. No one else can or should, because no one else has as much self-interest as those under the oppression.

Here is the original article on my blog about my experiences.

Shooting the AQT at my first Appleseed on the second day.

Lest We Forget – April 19, 1775
It’s easy in the hustle and bustle of everyday life to forget things that are important – and one day in American history – you can argue it is THE most important day – should never be forgotten.
It’s the day our fellow Americans took up arms to win liberty for all of us.

April 19, 1775. A Wednesday, back then.
It’s hard for us moderns to understand how tough it was, or to understand the magnitude of what they did.
Contrary to the common, somewhat vague image of illiterate farmers caught up in the emotions of the moment and heading out to take potshots at the redcoats, the reality of it was far different.
In 1774 by order of the English Parliament the port of Boston was closed until damages for the Boston Tea Party were paid.

Closed, can you imagine it? The busiest port in the colonies, everyone out of work, people nearly starving. The city kept alive by donations of food from the other colonies.
And yet, Americans were determined not to pay those damages. So English troops arrived, as the British took over local government to ensure compliance.
By April 1775, tensions were high, with the King and Parliament pressuring British General Gage to take action.

On the night of April 18, 1775 – a Tuesday – Gage dispatched ten companies of Light Infantry and Grenadiers on a rapid expedition to Concord to ferret out military stockpiles he suspected were there.
The ’embattled farmers’ found out beforehand, and took action. Paul Revere rode, and he did not ride randomly. Every house at which he stopped saw another rider taking off in a different direction to sound the alarm.
By dawn, as the British redcoat column was approaching Lexington (five miles short of Concord), historians have estimated 14,000 Americans were converging on them from miles around.
Not a cell phone among them. Not one on the internet. Not even a single telephone.
Yet in a few hours, 14,000 trained men were marching through the night.
Think you, with your cell phone and email, could do it today?

Even now, it’d a remarkable accomplishment – doubtless impossible to repeat today. To get that many people turned out, on short notice, in the middle of the night.
Maybe they cared about freedom, do you think?

It almost makes you wonder: do you think we care as much about freedom, today? Enough to get out of the bed in the middle of the night, and fast-march 15, 18, or 20 miles to face British lead and steel? With a single-shot, muzzle-loading musket?

Maybe you begin to understand the magnitude of the debt we owe the Founders.
It sure looks, from the perspective of the 21st century, like a mighty accomplishment, something we couldn’t do again, today.
But they did it. They did not draw back. They did not shirk. They did not shrink from the call.
And for that, we – each of us – owe them thanks.

By now, we all know the story of Capt. John Parker and his 77 militiamen who stood waiting on Lexington Green. If he indeed said "If they mean to have a war, let them have it here!" he said inspiring words.
But the historical facts are that the British fired a sudden volley, killing 8 Americans and wounding another 8 (a twenty-percent casualty rate), whereas the few shots our boys got off in return nicked the leg of a redcoat private and grazed a horse. Considering the American marksmanship displayed later throughout the day, it suggests the British actually surprised them – and indeed some thought the Brits were firing blanks to scare them, until the first musket balls whistled by.

Oddly enough, the encounter at Lexington did not start the War.
Nor did the later encounter at the North Bridge.

The North Bridge at Concord is an example of the ‘fog of war’ – the colonists, uncertain of what happened at Lexington, retreated before the Brits as they approached Concord, eventually winding up north of the river at their militia training ground on Punkatasset Hill. This allowed the Brits to occupy and search the town, recovering items that looked ‘military’, which they piled up and set on fire. It was the sight of the column of smoke above the trees that alarmed our guys – as one said – "are we going to stand by idly, while they burn our houses?" – setting the stage for the march to the North Bridge, where they were fired upon by three British companies posted there. To the cry of "Fire, fellow soldiers, for God’s sake, fire! – fire as fast as you can!" their training and practice in marksmanship broke the British, who fled to Concord. And the militia crossed the North Bridge.

It was a remarkable moment in American history. That April morning was the first time Americans were ordered to fire on British troops. And the first time they killed the King’s soldiers.
Even now, the War did not break out. The American militia, having defended itself successfully after being fired upon, and maybe realizing what they had done by firing on the King’s troops – it must be a terrific blow to rise out of bed a citizen and have the sun set on you as a traitor – took up positions behind a nearby wall.

Time was rapidly approaching noon, and the British began a hasty retreat back toward Boston – and Lexington. Just outside Concord, as the end of the column was crossing a bridge at a place called Merriam’s Corner (where the road made a sharp turn), the British rear guard turned and fired a volley at Americans following them. At that, militia units concealed on the north side of the road opened fire on the red-clad column to protect and support their brethren. At that point, it became a shooting war, and the 18-mile road back to Boston taken by the redcoats has ever since been known as Battle Road.
Did the boys from Lexington get a second chance? You bet.

Did the British nearly get caught in a trap? You bet.

Was it a ‘close-run’ thing for General Gage’s men? You bet.

If to forget is to show disrespect, let’s not forget what they did that day.

It has truly been said that April 19, 1775 was "the Day Marksmanship met History, and Liberty was born".

Don’t let the memory of their deeds be forgotten. Read this to your kids – or let them read it for themselves.

The founders knew the price they paid for liberty. They hoped their posterity would remember that price, and never let liberty go.
In fact, John Adams, our second president, left us a message. I paraphrase: "Posterity, you will never know the price my generation paid for your freedom…
"If you ever forget – if you ever forget – we’ll be sorry we ever made the effort."
Have Americans forgot?
I hope not.

Go to the library. There you’ll find books devoted to that first day of the American Revolution. The first day in history where a people stood up to tyranny and won their freedom on the battlefield. You’ll read how close we came to capturing the entire British column. You’ll read how propaganda was effectively used by American liberty-lovers to advance the cause of Liberty.
You’ll read about a day of contrasts – the elation of victory, the mourning for dead and wounded comrades, the exhaustion of battle, the misery of burning homes and lost relatives, of temporary graves by the roadside, of whole towns in flight.

It all happened. It was real. It was the beginning of the liberty you inherited, which you hardly think about, the liberty you so take for granted.
Those guys who didn’t take it for granted, who fought for liberty, who turned out to the sound of midnight alarm bells – they deserve better than that.
Take a minute, and think about them this April 19.

April 19th, the day the Founders took on the world’s mightiest army – with muzzle-loading firearms.
They did it for you.

To remember them, is the least we can do. To remember them, is to honor them. It is little enough to ask…

Appleseed – Rifleman Opportunity Card