Forcing Democracy into the Square Peg of Islam…

Andrew McCarthy gets it right again when he bemoans the idiocy of trying to impose democracy onto Islamic nations.

A recent CNN poll showed that 46 percent of Pakistanis approve of Osama bin Laden.

Aspirants to the American presidency should hope to score so highly in the United States. In Pakistan, though, the al-Qaeda emir easily beat out that country�s current president, Pervez Musharraf, who polled at 38 percent. Andrew C. McCarthy on Benazir Bhutto on National Review Online

Not much mentioned is the Pew Poll that in 2003 showed Bin Laden with 58% support among the Muslims in the most populous Islamic Nation, Indonesia. Let that sink in for a moment or two.  A mere year and a half after the worst mass murdering terrorist attack in history had occurred the people of Indonesia, who are supposedly moderate/mainstream, thought Bin Laden was A-Ok. Here is the Pew Poll showing those numbers alongside the updated 07.14.05 numbers.  Btw before you claim that 2005 was long ago the 2007 numbers went up for Indonesia.  Now 41% of those moderate/mainstream Muslims in Indonesia have high confidence in Bin Laden.

That is a bit worrisome is it not?  Now exactly why do we want to give these folks the right to vote?  Perhaps it is better for us if they are ruled by strongmen that we fund and equip to hold down the overwhelming number ignorant folks under their country’s banner.  Personally I don’t see a need for democracy.  I see a much bigger need for us to make it clear that you may love Bin Laden in your hearts but if you support him with your wallets, or worse, we will send folks to visit that will remove you from the equation for the rest of your life.  Enough of this pandering to Islam. 

For instance it has come out that there is a fight inside of the Pentagon between an Islamic nutjob Hasham Islam who is the “right-hand” man for the Assistant Sec of Defense, you cannot make this stuff up, and the primary analyst responsible for defining Islamic Extremism, Stephen Coughlin.

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  1. Morenuancedthanyou

    Pierre, have you seen this article? John David Lewis recomends that we copy our reaction to state Shinto in our treatment of what he terms “state Islam”. I recommend it.

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