Got Bullets? The Left Emboldened By The Marxist In Chief Exposes Themselves— Jeff Goldstein Rings The Alarm! Can You Hear It?

Jeff Goldstein is one of the guys who understands exactly where we are heading…and where we are heading will demand that all good men and women stand their ground against the tides of evil heading our way. The left is preparing the battlespace by characterizing us as worthless and evil. It occurs to me that I characterize them in much the same way…one of us is right.

The frightening truth that so many are pretending not to see is that we’ve seen this kind of scapegoating before elsewhere in the world. By design. Intended to bring about a desired end.

Here, today, the narrative from the neo-Stalinist progressives is that constitutionalists are racial supremacists and paranoid freaks; the Founding Fathers are their false idols; and the founding documents are their fetish. Religion is both their opiate and their cocaine, the thing that simultaneously dulls them into an intellectual stupor and turns them into evangelical zealots bent on demanding obeisance. Taken together, this toxic blend of hateful ignorance makes these slack-jawed clingers to their guns and their religion exceedingly dangerous to “sensible” people who want to live in a “community” wherein “common sense” laws — not the hoary edicts of dead white patriarchal slave owners — hold sway. Rational, cultured, intellectual people want to live in a land that looks forward, to progress, not backward, to a time of tri-cornered hats and oppression of the Other.

This is the propaganda war being launched against you, against me, against we, the people. Or at least, one prong of that war. Because it goes beyond the mere normalizing of a video game playing out a fantasy based (a

via As the country slides into liberal fascism, conservatives are being set up as the scapegoat | protein wisdom.