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Sicily Pitchfork Revolt – Western Media Blackout — Check Out Their Platform!

Great story linked from Survival Blog. If you are wondering why you haven’t heard anything about it check out the platform of the Pitchfork Rebellion listed at the bottom of the following snippet. Does seem like just the sort of platform that would strike fear into the hearts of politicians, bureaucrats and their defenders in the major media outlets. Video at the bottom of the post…this is the only video according to the author Jim W. Dean of Veterans Today.

Sicily Was Under Complete Blockade by Pitchfork Movement  Triggered by 40% Gas Tax Hike    

Could Sicily Provide the World with a Mass Revolt Template Against Endemic Corruption?

On January 16th, middle class Sicilians began a popular uprising appropriately called the ‘Pitchfork Movement’…’Movimento Dei Forconi’.

There are shades of the Occupy movement within it, but the core is not dissatisfied unemployed youth with no property or businesses to lose. They are middle aged and older. They know that what they have left has been targeted by their own elites to bear the economic pain.

The other difference is size. Sicily’s five million people, their grass roots people, have occupied themselves.

So of course the story caught my eye and I then checked the mainstream media sites to look at what I was sure to be some great video. Wrong! So far, there is almost nothing.

I went back to check my date…and yes it started on the 16th and took two days to shut the island down, nothing going in or out. That was almost two weeks ago and I just learned today, and I can assure you I am not a hermit.

Can you image the Occupy Wall Street people having shut Manhattan down of two weeks with no European coverage? Sure, it’s Sicily and not Manhattan…but it’s big, 25,000 sq km. That is why I used the space station feature photo.

What could corporate media possibly be afraid of? Well grab your seats, and here it is:Sicily is Rising

  • The arrest of all corrupt politicians
  • Reduction in the number of Parliamentarians
  • Removal of the provincial bureaucracy (local crooks), as most of these politicians have been there for over forty years
  • Drastic cuts in the salaries and privileges of Parliamentarians and Senators
  • Restricting politicians to only two terms in office

via Sicily Pitchfork Movement in Revolt – Western Media Blackout | Veterans Today.


Holy Smokes wonders never cease…someone in Washington actually figured out that Taxpayers may be hurt by the Bailouts. Naturally they don’t even mention the fact that the worthless shits representing us in DC are debasing our money by adding all this debt that no one can pay for except to print all sorts of money. The Federal Government is acting like the woman who was surprised she didn’t have any more money in the bank since she still had checks in the checkbook. For a little education on what happens when you act like this you may read up on present day Zimbabwe. Fun fun fun till the daddy takes the value away!

Hell if that got out we might just do something rash like march on DC and throw those bastards out of office.

Bank bailout may hurt taxpayers, be open to fraud

Inspector general cites potential flaws in bank bailout, urges Treasury to adopt safeguards

  • WASHINGTON (AP) — Taxpayers are increasingly exposed to losses and the government is more vulnerable to fraud under Obama administration initiatives that have created a federal bank bailout program of “unprecedented scope,” a government report finds.

In a 250-page quarterly report to Congress, the rescue program’s special inspector general concludes that a private-public partnership designed to rid financial institutions of their “toxic assets” is tilted in favor of private investors and creates “potential unfairness to the taxpayer.”

The report, which examines the six-month old, $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program, is scheduled for release Tuesday.

Using blunt language, Inspector General Neil Barofksy offers a series of recommendations to protect the public and takes the Treasury to task for not implementing previous advice. The report also commends Treasury and the Federal Reserve for creating some safeguards. Bank bailout may hurt taxpayers, be open to fraud – Yahoo! Finance

Here is a neat little graph that will make you all warm and fuzzy, like it did me.

So Obama is going to shut down oil drilling, kill manufacturing with Carbon tax, murder consumption with tax tax tax and what isn’t being taxed is being ripped off by our politicians and their corrupt masters in business and we are supposed to pay for all this debt? Muahahaha….see you on the other side of a hyperinflationary depression…sheesh who knew you could have this much fun! We are well and truly screwed….for years and years.

President-Elect Obama Interviewed by Federal Prosecutors In Blagojevich Probe…Gosh What a Great Country! MSM Silent on Implications! Contradictions? Bah MSM Doesn’t DO Contradictions…

Hey isn’t this the same guy who said this: "I had no contact with the governor or his office, and so I was not aware of what was happening," .  So I am guessing that that statement wasn’t quite enough for the Federal Prosecutors? Sheesh this guy isn’t even in office and he is apparently involved in high crimes and misdemeanors. Billy Clinton must be so envious…

Obama Interviewed In Blagojevich Probe President-elect, two aides quizzed last week by federal prosecutors

DECEMBER 23–President-elect Barack Obama and two of his top advisers were interviewed last week by federal prosecutors probing Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich’s alleged bid to sell Obama’s vacated Senate seat, according to a report issued today by an Obama lawyer. The lawyer, Gregory Craig, concluded that Obama and his aides engaged in no improper conduct in connection with the Senate opening. A copy of the Craig report can be found below.

As part of his review of transition team "contacts" with Blagojevich, Craig reported that only incoming White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel had spoke with the Illinois pol. Emanuel, Craig disclosed, had "one or two telephone calls" with Blagojevich in early-November. Emanuel reportedly gave Blagojevich a "heads up" that he was accepting Obama’s offer of the chief of staff job (and, as a result, would be resigning his congressional seat).

Emanuel also "had a brief discussion with the Governor about the Senate seat and the merits of various people whom the Governor might consider." Craig also noted that Emanuel had "about four telephone conversations with John Harris, Chief of Staff to the Governor, on the subject of the Senate seat.

In these conversations, Mr. Emanuel and Mr. Harris discussed the merits of potential candidates and the strategic benefit that each candidate would bring to the Senate seat." Obama Interviewed In Blagojevich Probe – December 23, 2008

So KHAQ on November 5th reports of a upcoming Obama Blagojevich meeting to discuss the Senate seat. The TV Station on November 8th reports that the meeting went well. I cannot link to those stories directly because after the LightWorker announces that he has had NO contact with Blago the stories are scrubbed from the news site and from Google. Now you see it now you don’t journalism.


November 23 his top advisor David Axelrod says this on Fox News:

"I know he’s talked to the governor and there are a whole range of names many of which have surfaced, and I think he has a fondness for a lot of them."

Then after the Blago arrest all of a sudden Axelrod announces a few weeks later that he was mistaken, Obama never met with Blago. Okey Dokey…

Then December 11th we here this:

CHICAGO — President-elect Barack Obama pledged Thursday to disclose any interaction between his transition team and the office of besieged Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich of Illinois, while declaring again that he and his staff had no involvement in deal-making over an appointment to his vacated Senate seat.

Now on December 23 with Rahm going to Africa and the LightWorker vacationing in Hawaii at his 9 million dollar home we find out that Rahm talked to Blago about the Senate Seat and he talked to John Harris, Blago Chief of Staff and also indicted along with Blago, several times. And they were discussing the Senate Seat and what sort of strategic benefit each candidate would bring to the Senate Seat. Gosh nothing going on here…

Now we find out that Federal Prosecutors are interviewing the President-Elect…yea nothing to see here.

Rahm Your Bus Is Waiting Just Outside…Jump Under It As Soon As Possible.

Obama says he never had any discussions about the Senate seat with Blago. Well first off that is ridiculous given how important that Senate seat is to the Democratic party. Of COURSE he had discussions with Blago. He would have been even stupider than I give him credit for had he NOT had discussions. The question is was he in negotiations with Blago about it. And on that question his lying about having discussions sure makes him look as guilty as hell. You have to be impressed and a bit heartened by the sheer level of political incompetence this clown/”president-elect” is showing.

So now we find out that his long time buddy and indeed the person who helped plan Blago’s political run for office in concert with Obama did indeed have discussions…ooopsy.

WFLD-TV: Rahm Emanuel Reportedly Spoke with Blagojevich About Senate Seat

"The source said there were a list of names given to the Governor’s office of candidates that would be acceptable to President-Elect Barack Obama."Breitbart.tv » Report: Rahm Emanuel Had ‘Multiple’ Conservations With Blagojevich About Senate Seat

Btw I downloaded this clip just in case…you know just it case it goes under the bus with Rahm. Remember earlier this week when another Illinois news outlet scrubbed their site and Google of incriminating evidence. The Lightworker likes everyone to keep in line.

A long time ago when Obama still knew the sort of person that Wright, Ayers and a whole host of others who he no longer knows or persons he has since discovered are not the folks he thought he knew…or whatever confusing set of bullshit reasons this asshole concocted to buffalo the public he used to use Blago as a political ally, and Blago’s political fundraiding fundraising wizard Rezko as a fundraiser and Rahm helped them all. Winning snippet from previous link.

In 2002, Mr. Obama turned up to help Mr. Blagojevich, a staunch ally of Mr. Jones, win the governor’s mansion. Rahm Emanuel, Mr. Obama’s incoming White House chief of staff, told The New Yorker earlier this year that six years ago he and Mr. Obama "participated in a small group that met weekly when Rod was running for governor. We basically laid out the general election, Barack and I and these two [other participants]."

But Obama had NO IDEA that Blago was corrupt…that is NOT the Blago, Rezko, Rahm, Ms. Blago, Wright, Pflegar, Farrakan, Kahladi that he knew. Ok sure whatever.

John Kass of The Chicago Tribune:"Obama is a creature of Chicago Politics. The machine runs Chicago… There seems to be a willful attempt by some outside Chicago to sort of not consider that Obama is a Chicago political guy."

Check. Hey how about other little meetings that Lightworker had? Like this one!

What is most striking about this Pentagon report is that it is from the year 2004, when Mr. Auchi traveled by private aircraft to Midway Airport in Chicago and then to a fete at the Four Season Hotel, where he met with his business partner in Chicago real estate, Mr. Rezko, as well as with Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. Also present that night, according to a fresh report by James Bone and Dominic Kennedy of the London Times, was State Senator Barack Obama, who had recently won the Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate seat that next fall. Bone and Kennedy report that Mr. Auchi and Mr. Obama shook hands. Mr. Obama’s aide does not now recall the handshake but does agree that Mr. Obama was present in the hotel that evening.

Gosh you know that this meeting was simply a fun group of guys getting together to talk about their children.

Chicago Politics…Hope and Change in Action! It Makes Louisiana Politics Look Like Double A Ball…

Well if you are gonna be corrupt then you may as well do it right. Chicago provides a model on how to do it right…gee I thought all the really dumb folks were supposed to be down South. How stupid do you have to be to allow this crap to go on and on?


Less than 55% of Chicago Public School students graduate from high school.

Despite all of this, Illinois Senator and Chicago Democrat Barack Obama is running for president as a reform candidate — while having no record of standing up to any of the corruption, high taxes, etc., in Chicago during his eight years as an Illinois State Senator.

This, along with the fact that, in his first-ever election for a state senate seat in 1996, Sen. Obama had all of his Democratic Party opponents thrown off the ballot — including the sitting incumbent who won with 83% of the vote in the prior election cycle — allowing him to run unopposed.  Source: Chicago and Illinois Fun Facts for the Uninitiated … and the Uninterested Media – The New Editor