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Because he specifically attacks the feminist version of reality. Because no attacks are permitted against the prevailing wisdom of the left. Because this is a harbinger of how our nation will be run if we continue down the path of political correctness instead of honest discussion of difficult questions. Because men are evil…

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Here is the Wiki discussion regarding the deletion.

Apparently one of the criteria for inclusion is that the story is noted in the national press. Seems like that will be difficult to achieve since it is in the self interest of the national press that this story die. After all offending the feminists who are oppressing men cannot be allowed to happen. The meme of men being evil must be supported in all branches of the elite.

The Voice for Men has more in this blog post…

The Organized Silencing of a Man Publicly Burned To Death

Are you in pain? If you’re a man, then Shut Up.

Are you being abused, by your wife or girlfriend? Tough Shit.

Are you worn down by the continuous public narrative that due to your masculinity, you’re obviously a lesser person, or violent, or criminal, or just fucking guilty?

Quit Whining, Shut Up, and Pay Your Fucking Child Support Payments.

In fact, if you have any complaint about the systematic abrogation of your rights, and you speak up against the marginalization of your identity based on your sex, (if you’re male) and you weather years of public shaming, accusation, theft, violence, and criminalization of your person – you can be assured that nobody cares, and your pain is fodder for comedy, or else it is invisible.

What if a corrupt and profiteering family court system driven by money appropriated from fathers in their child support payments – this court system irrevocably separates you from your children, devastating you while utterly denying your pain, and garnishing your earnings. Tough shit, pay up sucker.


But lets say you endure such prolonged agony and abuse through the courts, and such systematic refusal by the institutions of society to redress any grievance that your last ultimate option to be heard is to literally and actually set yourself on fire and die, burning in public.

Now, lets imagine a world so totally twisted that the media totally blanks this as a news item. That dismissive and scant reporting of this act of political self immolation is written off with throw away lines calling you, the burned corpse – a deadbeat, a lone nut.

Dr. Helen weighs in…no wonder Glenn Reynolds married her she reminds me of my wife.

Why has Wikipedia removed the Thomas Ball page?