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Steve Wynn: “If This Is Good Government Then I Am Mary Poppins”

Another vote of confidence for our band of idiots in Washington DC. Course I need to correct myself since it is not idiocy that is driving the policies of DC but maliciousness. The crew in Washington DC mean to do us harm.

This administration without any experience is doing more damage than is easy to assess at the moment, but I can tell you I am sure that we are moving in the wrong direction and i say that as half a democrat and half a republican. What we are seeing now just doesn’t make sense. The priorities have all been inverted."

The kind of money that is being spent, and the amount of taxes that are directly and indirectly being proposed, are huge. We are seeing socialism-lite here- it would be ok if it worked, it never works. We are now in a position of complete unpredictability with the Obama administration and Congress: i don’t know what will happen. I have a sense that if once the public gets the drift and understands what’s afoot here, and these bills pass, then there’s going to be a very painful midterm election for the democrats.

"It’s a pleasure to do business in China: the government is much more even-handed, much more considered, much more gentle than it is here. I feel much more secure as a businessman in China than I do at the moment in the United States of America."

Fox Business Network: Steve Wynn: "If This Is Good Government Then I Am Mary Poppins" | zero hedge

A paragon of American Business declares that he prefers dealing with Communist China…what else needs to be said as an indictment of our political class? Our freedoms are flying out of the door and no one seems to give a shit.