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The Leftist Big Mouths Writing Checks Their Asses Cannot Cash! Or How The Left Chased The Earners, Screaming War, Until We Caught Them!

Corpulent gasbag Michael Moore declares war on the earners on MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show”. Really…no shit? The contingency who think guns are evil are declaring war on the contingency who don’t? Does he imagine that he lives in Cuba where the opposition is not armed, pissed off and ready to end this 100 argument with the left? Did he miss the numbers of folks we have put out in the street? Does he really want to go up against a group of people who are so well disciplined that we can show up in our capital with upwards of a million people upset enough to take off of jobs, put lives on hold and pay for a trip to DC to protest and not destroy the place. Indeed we policed our own garbage and DC looked better after we left, that is discipline that is unknown to the left. Mock us at your peril…make war on us if you are suicidal.

“This is war,” Michael Moore declared last night on MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show.” The porcine propagandist referred to the Wisconsin Senate’s 18-1 vote earlier in the evening in favor of legislation, supported by Gov. Scott Walker, that would strip politicians of the power to reward government employee unions for their political support by committing taxpayer money to their members’ extravagant pensions and other fringe benefits.‘This Is War’ – WSJ.com

The ugliest item of that exhibition in Wisconsin was the actions of the police. Now we know that it is possible for an entire police department to be corrupted by their union into not enforcing the law. That should worry most of you.

The Green Bay Press Gazette:
MADISON — Hundreds of off-duty police officers and deputies joined protests today against Gov. Scott Walker’s budget repair bill that would strip most collective bargaining powers from about 170,000 public employees. Police, state troopers and firefighters are exempt from Walker’s proposal, but even as some marched on the downtown Capitol Square, hundreds of other officers from around the state provided security. They came equipped with riot gear, including helmets and batons, they said, but didn’t expect trouble.

So perhaps the left is counting on the police to be guys who back up the lefts threats?

Video Bill Whittle – The Media, The Left and GOP Elitists vs. Sarah Palin and you as well as me.

This just about says it all…and more. It is worth 60 minutes of your time but only asks for 12. Spend it.

We must without a doubt acknowledge that we are in a fight to the death with the left and that they have only one result in mind. We lose they win.

Losing means we are enslaved. Don’t believe me? Check this video out.


Now off you go to check out Bill Whittle…

Pajamas TV – Afterburner with Bill Whittle – The Media, The Left and GOP Elitists vs. Sarah Palin: A Lesson on How to Destroy a Leader – Video

Obama Bombshell Redistribution of Wealth Audio Uncovered…WBEZ.FM Interview where he discusses the best way to redistribute your work.

Course if we had an honest press corp stuff like this wouldn’t depend on people like me to find. But since we do not have an honest press corp thank you Free Republic! Naturally this is a bombshell. This is the scariest candidate to be this damn close to becoming the President.

In a discussion regarding Civil Rights Obama claims that it is a tragedy that the Constitution was not radically reinterpreted to force redistribution of wealth for African Americans…and it is still an issue today.

YouTube – Obama Bombshell Redistribution of Wealth Audio Uncovered

Welcome to the New Thugocracy…Courtesy of Barack Obama! Shut Up Christians…or we will sue you!

Americans United for Separation of Church and State has extensive links to the Democratic Party. So it follows that they would be the group that would stand up to guard Obama’s flanks while he lies his ass off. Obama has been denying his extreme abortion views in an attempt to capture the white Catholic vote. A Bishop stood up to denounce his lies and naturally Obama gets his surrogates to fight his battles to silence his critics.

WASHINGTON — A church-state watchdog group has asked the Internal Revenue Service to investigate whether the Roman Catholic bishop of Paterson, N.J., violated tax laws by denouncing Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama.

In a letter sent to the IRS on Wednesday (Oct. 22), Americans United for Separation of Church and State accused Paterson Bishop Arthur Serratelli of illegal partisanship for lambasting Obama’s support of abortion rights. Group asks IRS to investigate Catholic bishop against Obama – USATODAY.com

Here is what that Bishop said…

Serratelli wrote that Obama has pledged, if elected president, to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, abortion-rights legislation the Catholic Church vehemently opposes.

"If this politician fulfills his promise, not only will many of our freedoms as Americans be taken from us, but the innocent and vulnerable will spill their blood," Serratelli wrote.

Here is Barack affirming his intention to sign the Freedom of Choice act.

When anti-choice protesters blocked the opening of an Illinois Planned Parenthood clinic in a community where affordable health care is in short supply, I was the only candidate for President who spoke out against it. And I will continue to defend this right by passing the Freedom of Choice Act as president.

Here is that Far Right Rag Time Magazine on Obama’s attempt to moderate his extreme stance on abortion…he is a LIAR! Here is Obama talking to Rick Warren.

Meanwhile, Obama offered an artful dodge to the question of when a human deserves rights. "Whether you’re looking at it from a theological perspective or a scientific perspective, answering that question with specificity is above my pay grade," he said. Like many of his responses that night, it was a long, careful, nuanced plowing of middle ground. He did not suggest that the only rights that matter are a woman’s over her body. He also affirmed his moral dimensions of the issue: he noted his willingness to limit late-term abortions, provided there is an exception if a woman’s health is at risk; and he talked about finding the resources to help women who choose to keep their baby, and about trying to reduce the need for abortions in the first place.

Obama is a terrifying prospect as a President. My faith in the American people has me believing that they are seeing through this crap but heaven help us if he manages to fool them.

When you start scaring folks like Michael Barone…well that says a lot since I have never heard him be this alarmist about a Presidential Candidate.

Michael Barone Sounds The Alarm About the Coming Thugocracy of Obama…"First They Came for the Communists" MSM and Some Conservative Elite Tone Deaf to Their Mortal Danger.

IF ELECTED, OBAMA WILL BE MY PRESIDENT…Yea I am sure the Left appreciates Rick Moran’s Generosity. We beclown ourselves…the Left allows us to.

Rick Moran put up this lovely little post that shows how reasonable he is…boy the left is impressed. The left will save a wonderful seat on the train to oblivion for dear old nice guy Rick.

Civics 101 people; the guy who gets the most votes, wins.

You can talk about “voter fraud” and “stealing elections” all you want but the fact remains that if Obama is certified by the electoral college and the House of Representatives as President of the United States, that ends the discussion in our republic. There is no more important aspect of democracy than the minority accepting the will of the majority. The constitution gives the minority certain protections against getting steamrolled by the majority. But it doesn’t give the minority the right to torpedo the legitimacy of the winner.

Yea a guy who has lied about every sort of sordid relationship he has ever had in the past. A guy who drove one blogger to wonder if Obama had even one reasonable relationship that he could point to with pride…not of course Wright, Phleger, Kalid, Rezko, Ayers, Dorhn, and Frank Davis. A guy who started out as a Socialist and never looked back…a guy who has moved Michael Barone to declare the coming of the Thugocracy. A guy whose idea of free speech is he can say anything he wants and his opponents can shut the hell up and sit down. A guy who called on his followers to get in their faces…yea this guy is YOUR President if he wins.

He is my enemy and will remain so until I successfully get him impeached or he loses in 2012.

Obama has played to win…we have played fair. The Left plays for keeps… we play to feel good about ourselves in the morning. The Left plays to bury us…we play to allow them a chance NEXT time. We never understood that using the tactics of the left did not mean we adopted the philosophy of the left…it meant we thought winning was important. Now we may be about to find out how important it was.

We beclown ourselves…the Left allows us to.


So According to the “Elite” Pundits the Attacks by Sarah and McCain are not having an affect…hmmm is that why the Obama campaign put this response out?

Here they try to reassure voters that no Barack is not going to nominate Ayers to the Supreme Court, no Wright is not going to be my Attorney General and nope Rezko is not a fundraiser for me….anymore. heh.


The Weekly Standard

Rezko Guilty on 16 Counts of Influence peddling…Big Obama Supporter. Nothing to see here, move along.

So then Osama/Obama says that he is sorry that he did that deal with Rezko…hmm one thing for sure Osama/Obama sure has a propensity to throw long time supporters under the bus. Which to me means that he must have a quid pro quo with them. They take the fall gracefully, for the most part we all know that Wright doesn’t know the meaning of gracefully, and he bails them out of whatever trouble they are in once he becomes President. Sounds like a very dangerous man.

Rezko Guilty on 16 Counts Accused Political Fixer Has Ties to Barack Obama

Tony Rezko

A federal jury in Chicago Wednesday found Antoin “Tony” Rezko guilty on 16 of 24 counts.

The jury’s deliberations on the fate of the 52-year-old Chicago developer and political fixer stretched over 13 days, as they weighed the evidence and testimony on whether and how Rezko had illegally trafficked in access to politicians and political favors.

Rezko’s ties to Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill. have created image problems for the White House hopeful. Rezko, a longtime friend and supporter of Obama’s, raised tens of thousands of dollars for his campaigns, much of which Obama has since returned. ABC News: Rezko Guilty on 16 Counts

GREAT NEWS! Bardot convicted of Racial Hatred by the French…Poor little Hajji’s want to be able to act like tribes inside of France.

Typical, it takes a French woman to stand up to the Islamic tribes overrunning France.

PARIS —  Brigitte Bardot was convicted Tuesday of provoking discrimination and racial hatred for writing that Muslims are destroying France.

A Paris court also handed down a $23,325 fine against the former screen siren and animal rights campaigner. The court also ordered Bardot to pay $1,555 in damages to MRAP.

Bardot’s lawyer, Francois-Xavier Kelidjian, said he would talk to her about the possibility of an appeal. FOXNews.com – Brigitte Bardot Convicted of Provoking Discrimination – Celebrity Gossip | Entertainment News | Arts And Entertainment

What a great idea it was to import North Africa into France!  Hey maybe we can think of something along those lines…like say import the entire poor population from a certain absolutely corrupt country to the south of us. Hey more GREAT NEWS! Republicans have already started doing that! WOW!

Make possible for immigrants to do a job Americans won’t do

Things are terrible, and we’ve got to fix it. But we’re not going to fix it until we have comprehensive immigration reform. When there’s a demand, there’s going to be a supply. There are jobs that Americans will not do, so we have to make it possible for someone to come to this country to do a job that an American won’t do and then go back to the country from where they came.

John McCain Source: AZ Senate Debate, in Tucson Citizen Oct 16, 2004

Boy cannot wait till McCain gets into office. Yea I am voting for the bastard…he is a less bad bastard than the other bastard. What a choice to have in the greatest country in the world. We either get a loony old man who is perhaps dumber than Bush or a Black Marxist who hates white folks. GREAT NEWS!